Medtronic single chamber icd

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ICDsrepresent an appropriate therapy option for the hundreds of thousandsof patients at risk of sudden cardiac death worldwide everyyear. Overa follow-up of 17 months, annual mortality was 2.

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Medtronic single chamber icd shocks were registered in 1. The randomised, multicentre DATAS trial, supported by Medtronic,analysed patients at risk of sudden cardiac death and rated theirrisk of adverse events.

What is an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD)?

In both arms, the CSAEscore was calculated by combining reported clinically significantadverse events including death, invasive interventions,hospitalisations, inappropriate shocks and sustained long duration ofatrial tachyarrhythmias, adjusted according to their clinicalseverity. This may resultin incomplete sensing and therapy in some patients, which may fail toaccommodate the physiologic conduction natural rhythm pathways ofthe heart.

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Themost frequent inappropriate shocks in patients with SC ICDs areadministered for fast ventricular rhythm caused by atrialfibrillation. For medtronic single chamber icd with bradycardia pacing needs - either at timeof implant or that which develops in the future - features likeMVP TM Managed Ventricular Pacingfound only in certain Medtronicdual chamber devices, reduce unnecessary right ventricular pacing by99 percent median value.

In addition, dual chamber ICDs providesuperior SVT discrimination to further reduce inappropriate shocks ascompared to SC ICDsas well as diagnostics to better monitor atrialfibrillation or heart failure disease progression. About Medtronic Medtronic, Inc. Any forward-looking statements are subject to risks anduncertainties such as those described in Medtronic's Quarterly Reporton Form Q for the quarter ended January 27, Actual resultsmay differ materially from anticipated results.

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References: 1. Are dual chamber ICDsbeneficial?

medtronic single chamber icd

Presented at 15th Cardiostim, Nice, 16June 2. D P Zipes. Epidemiology and mechanism of sudden cardiac death.

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Can J Cardiol. Vol 21, Suppl. A, May 15

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